Brabus Marine

BRABUS Marine is the result of the cutting-edge alliance between two of the most renowned companies in their respective genres. Bringing together the award-winning Finnish boat builder Axopar Boats and the long-established, high-performance luxury automotive car producer BRABUS.

Where Scandinavian design meets German engineering.

BRABUS Marine is devoted to redefine luxury day boating through building and developing ultra-exclusive, supremely exciting boats; the result of two companies united in the extreme.

In 2017, Axopar Boats and BRABUS found an immediate and direct connection, sharing the same passion, values and goals, thus making a strategic alliance inevitable. Axopar Boats and BRABUS Marine share the same level of commitment, the same passion and the same dedication required to create game-changing products for discerning clientele all over the world. Be ready to be surprised!

    • AB-BRA-SHA500C
      Presenting a market first - the stunning and exceptionally fast 50+ knots coast-to-coast commuter, and adventurous ‘shadow’ boat for the world’s finest superyachts.
      • AB-BRA-SHA500
        Here are some of the highlights and technical solutions on board that will give boating enthusiasts and individualists a totally new level of luxury boating and personalised statement of style on the water.
        • AB-BRA-SHA900XC
          With staggering performance and handling, dressed to impress interior and exterior styling, here are just some of the highlights of the BRABUS Shadow 900 for the boating enthusiasts and individualists wishing to make their own personalised statement of style and power on the water.
          • AB-BRA-SHA900SPY
            The open-air thrill-seeker, built with obsessive attention to details, the Shadow 900 offers adrenaline-fueled excitement, superior performance, acceleration and torque, providing an ultimate luxurious driving experience.